Remember when we were cool?

When it was cool, I used to wear makeup and dye my hair various colours.  It’s not cool any more.  I wish the kids today would get that.  We did it because we wanted to rebel, set ourselves apart and establish ourselves as unique individuals.  All the Dee Dee Dee! morons doing it now are being conformist dill weeds without even realizing it.  This goes for the goth geeks, the emo retards and the washed up has-beens that can’t let go of a long, forgotten era.  In retrospect, the 70s and 80s weren’t nearly as cool as they appeared to be when I lived them.  Our legacy is nothing more than synthesizers and bad hair.  Even much of the music feels hollow and empty now.  Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  At least we had an era, a generation that is mocked as much as it is revered.  What did the 90s leave behind?  NOTHING!  Don’t even get me started with the “aught” years of our new millennium.  The apathy and cultural decay of that decade have brought the United States right up to the brink of annihilation.  If we ever aspired to be like Rome, well…the Huns are at the door folks.  God, I’m depressed.  That’s enough for today.

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  1. 3:43 pm, October 3, 2010Libby 

    Excuse me? The 90s brought you ME, you schmoo-head. And your older son! Quit crying because Kraftwerk broke up.

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