The new site is coming along nicely!

I’ll soon be migrating this to the main URL and this will now be our official website. I got the Photo Gallery working quite well and it’s complete with comment sections. Commenting was very important to me so this would function just like Facebook. Now I can have the social networking/sharing functionality of Facebook without the egregious invasions of privacy they’re constantly trying to get away with. I haven’t decided whether to hand out Editor logins for just the people I want commenting or whether to leave it open and have folks enter their ID and email every time they leave their comments. I’m thinking the logins might be the best route to go but I’ll need some discussion about that with folks.

I migrated the Streaming Music section vis a vis a neat-o plugin from the good folks at Wimpy. I REALLY want to have that running on each page but I’ve found that to be uber annoying if you have the same page up in multiple browsers so I think I’ll leave that on a page of its own and have folks run it only if they want to. My web host will probably thank for that in the end (saves lots of bandwidth).

The last item I want before I go live is a video player and not just some lame POS single flash video player (like in my initial test posts). I want something that will auto playlist just by me dumping videos into a directory and be able to play various formats. I fear Wimpy may be the only solution to that however and it will ultimately be flash based. I’m not going that route till I’ve exhausted all other plugins however.

So that’s that! I love the format, it’s very clean, very sleek and very black. It’s everything I desire…grrrrr…LOL.

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