Michael John Blake and Pi, Musically Speaking

An artist by the name of Michael John Blake created a really neat “what if Pi were expressed as music?” video. The video went viral and, today being Pi day, the planet now wants to see it. Well wouldn’t know know it, a much more obscure artist now believes he has the copyright for Pi (which is “patently” ridiculous…har har har) so Mr. Blake’s video got taken down off the #1 user submitted video site on the web. I think that’s not only REALLY scummy but a perfect example of copyright run amok. I’m protesting this action through civil disobedience. Therefore, without further ado, Michael John Blake and his Pi By Music video!

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  1. 11:30 pm, March 22, 2011Beth 

    Not only do I love the music, but I am amazed that Mr. Blake can compile all the different components into something so comforting and enjoyable from a mathematical number. I am also awestruck by his ability to do this one instrument at a time without anyone helping him. I really wish that there were more instrumentals of this type out there, and that you could get a compilation on one disk!! I would definitely pay for that! Thank you for keeping it out there to enjoy.

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