Nuclear Power is NOT SAFE!!!

I don’t know how many meltdowns it’s going to take for the planet to realize nuclear power is and NEVER WAS a viable option to replace fossil fuels. Setting aside the fact that simply setting up a plant creates the opportunity to refine fissionable materials and make nuclear weapons and that the byproducts are lethal to all nearly all life forms and stay lethal for thousands and thousand of years and there is absolutely NO safe way to store nuclear waste…..wait….NO! I’m not setting aside those facts. Aren’t those enough? Seriously, how the hell did we get this far anyway? How did we as a planet let our elected officials convince us that nuclear power is safe and a good idea??? It’s NOT!

If we had established international laws banning the construction and any future technological development of nuclear power DECADES ago, the nuclear crisis we face with Iran would never have happened. In fact the world would have been a much safer place.

If we had listened to independent scientists warning us that the volatile nature of every inch of land on the PLANET made nuclear waste storage impossible, development of nuclear plant construction would have stopped, we’d never had manufactured the materials necessary to build a plant and Iran never would have happened.

The plan at the present time is to store all the nuclear waste from the plants around the world in Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Yucca mountain was created by volcanic activity. Yucca mountain has hundreds of significant fissures that already allow water and air to move in an out of the deepest recesses of the mountain with great ease. Yucca mountain is located near a water table that could easily rise and interact with stored nuclear waste, causing a human health crisis of epic proportions. Yucca Mountain ranks 4th, FORTH!!!, in the nation for seismic activity!! EARTHQUAKES!!! Earthquakes like the one that just pushed Japan’s nuclear power plants into meltdown. In September 2007, it was discovered that the Bow Ridge fault line ran underneath the facility, hundreds of feet east of where it was originally thought to be located, beneath a storage pad where spent radioactive fuel canisters would be cooled before being sealed in a maze of tunnels. The discovery required several structures to be moved several hundred feet further to the east, and drew criticism from Robert R. Loux, then head of the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects, who argues that Yucca administrators should have known about the fault line’s location years prior, and called the movement of the structures “just-in-time engineering.” The story hit the AP wires and was featured in the LA Times that year in an article titled “Yucca Mt. adjusts to fault line”. Then in 2008, Ralph Vartabedian of the Los Angeles Times wrote the definitive article on this subject: “Yucca Mountain safety plan is ‘doomed,’ nuclear company says”. This was the best, last possibility for safe storage of nuclear waste for the thousands and thousands of years it takes for the waste to decay and it’s a JOKE! A JOKE!!!

Are we all the unwitting audience of some macabre comedy where the punchline is “you all die a horrible, radioactive, MELTING death”?! This has to stop. Nuclear power must be stopped, by any means necessary. Earth seems to be doing a pretty good job helped that along, but we as a people must do more. A LOT MORE! Write your elected officials and tell them “NO MORE NUCLEAR POWER!” and get someone into the office of president who has the BALLS to launch a massive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities and be done with it. To hell with the oil we’ll lose, global warming is killing us anyway. Bomb the shit out of Iran’s nuclear facilities, let go of the oil that will be contaminated and for God’s sake…..convert everything to Geo, Wind, Hydro and Solar power and leave behind a planet our children can enjoy.

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