Old site retired!

I’ve reached the point where developing this site and maintaining the old site at the same time is non-productive so it’s time to say bye bye to the old, 2003 Frontpage site I built lo’ those many years ago and say HI to this new and wonderful design.  I unveiled it at a family dinner tonight and it received rave reviews like “Wow, this is a serious web site…like one you pay money for…”.  Yes, yes it is. I got my first unsolicited comment recently as well and that’s something to cheer about because it means people are finding the site on their own, a credit to the power of WordPress and the way it plays nice with Google.  So that’s that.  I’m gonna miss the old site, dancing Jesus and all, but even the cheeze factor had grown old and moldy.  Besides, change is good and I’m experiencing personal growth in a lot of areas nowadays, why not in cyberspace too?

The streaming music section is the biggest attractor for now, family pics next.  The videos are in process of migrating. The old format used WMV files and those need to be converted to flash or MP4 so they stream properly. I just wish there was a good, free converter out there that didn’t cause the degradation I’m seeing with some of the vids but I’ll just have to make sure I film everything native in MP4 moving forward.

I almost gave in to peer pressure and simply put everything up on Youtube so I could just embed stuff here and there but you know what?  Forget Youtube, man!!  You put your videos up there and it’s like peeing in a pool…they just get filtered out.  The only way to make Youtube work and get your stuff seen is to “cheat” and pull all the nonsense the Most Favorited and Most Watched guys and girls do today and, again, I do not have the bandwidth to pull that off.  I know for a fact that their numbers are fake and I know how they do it and it may seem worth it in the end but I haven’t seen any hard dollar numbers to justify that.  Seems like a lot of hard work for 15 minutes of fame.  Since I already experienced mine about 20 years ago, I’m very happy with obscurity.  Add to that the folks that put up things which brought the wrong kind of attention and I’m 100% all done with GooTube.  Some times lack of notoriety is a very comfortable place to be.  The only good thing that came out of that linky was a wonderful song I went to the trouble to buy, called Ching Chong.  OOO, I just noticed that’s not in my mix, will have to add that post haste.  While I’m on this subject, I need to rant for a second.  You see, I’ve really come to question the way some people’s brain works as a result of that Asian rant debacle.  First, when did putting up racist or misogynist or bigotted rants seem like a good idea?  I mean, just look at Fred Phelps.  The man is old, scary looking and spouts evil 24/7 so the planet condemns him for it.  But the second someone younger than 30 sits in front of a webcam, suddenly that logic mysteriously drains from their brain and the next thing you know they’re being chased down the street by angry people with weapons because they posted something really, really, REALLY stupid on the most watched video site on the web.  WHEN WAS THAT A GOOD IDEA???  I need an answer to that, it’s been bugging me for months.  Was it when they had the original idea?  When they sat in the chair?  When the webcam turned on?  When they put the finishing touches on it and previewed it on their channel?  WHEN?!  For all you less that 30s, please, for God’s sake think of it like this.  Before you put up any video of yourself doing ANYTHING, ask yourself “Would I do this with just two complete strangers sitting in front of me in a public place?”  If the answer is no because they’d probably beat the snap out of you or you’d end up parts of your body being undesirably touched, then don’t post the video.  If the answer is yes because you won’t get the snot kicked out of you but you will end up with your body being groped by complete strangers, then I’m telling you right here and now, it’s still a HORRIBLE idea!!  Just use some common sense.  The web isn’t some anonymous stranger you’ll never meet, it’s 6 billion people that could suddenly all have their attention focused on you and if that attention isn’t positive, your life will be ruined FOREVER.  FOR…E..VER!!

Coming soon, the video of me shooting golfballs out of my butt.  *giggle*

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