This should give the PIPA and SOPA supporters a sobering bit of data. Louis’ special, the one I PAID FOR (to feel all good about myself), and he gave away for $5 a pop, made SO MUCH MONEY that he gave away 1/4 of it to charity, 1/4 of it as bonuses to his staffers, 1/4 to actually pay the bill for the special and only kept 1/4 for himself. After its release, it was widely available via all the “bad” sites but that had ZERO impact on his net sales. ZERO. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is absolutely no measurable data to support the MPAA and RIAA claims that copyright infringement is bankrupting anyone. The proof is in the pudding – the people who would have paid for a product did and the people who were never going to pay anyway didn’t. And in the end, the artist made out like a bandit – independent of all entities that would have had him copyright the material and then seek royalties which would never appear. GOOD FOR HIM and good for the internet. Louis CK just gave the MPAA and RIAA a very large bucket of shut up.

Proof SOPA and PIPA are unnecessary

Louis CK proves SOPA and PIPA are unnecessary

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